Gooood morning everybody (: I can’t believe we’re so into January already! It feels like just yesterday was New Year’s Eve. Yet, I am so happy that we’re moving fast, at least until february…

And now, you see, I was awarded with the Stylish Blogger Award yesterday! (Me? Stylish? yay!) What a lovely surprise! A big shout out and many thanks to the, also lovely, Meredith from Pretty. Good. Food. for passing the award to me and for the lovely words about me and the other bloggers in her wonderful blog!

So, it works like this,

1. Make a post and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers so we can share the love

4. Contact these bloggers and bright up their day with the awesome news 😉

I guess is my turn then, to tell you 7 things about me! Oh jeez, where to start…

1. I think the most important thing to know about me right now is that, the 1st of February of this year (meaning, in 22 days!!!) I will be moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to start my college studies in Cinematography. I just can’t wait to start them already, but at the same time, I’m  immensely sad because I’m leaving all my friends and family behind. I know for fact that I will see my family again of course, and some of my friends, but as we all know, after high school most of those friendships get lost. I love my class, I loved each and everyone that was in that classroom and made me once laugh. 2010 was the best year of my life thanks to them and I’m gonna miss them so much I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.

It feels weird to put up a picture of myself here!

2.I am OBSESSED with online movies. I spend the entire day just watching movie after movie online and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. The worst part (or best?) is that I don’t feel guilty about watching so many movies because I actually feel like I’m doing homework by “analyzing” the plot and execution of the movie, or “criticizing” the actor’s performance. Yeah right, but I don’t think I’m wasting my time either! I just have to start reading more…Hmmm…

3. I’m about 13 years late, but right now I’m starting to get so obsessed with Harry Potter! I know, I know but it never called my attention until the very last movie! and now, let me tell you, this story is amazing! I don’t know how Rowling could think of such an intricate, detailed and perfectly rounded story that leaves you breathless. Seriously, I was never the “Fiction” books, or movies kind of girl, but this story took me in and it won’t let me go. I ask all skeptical like I was, to give it a try, even if it’s just with the movies first (Confession, I watched them all in a 2 days. I barely left the couch)

4. I really, really, don’t like to cook, let alone bake, when people are watching me. I don’t know what’s up with that, but it makes me really uncomfortable. I’ve gotten over it a little, but only if making something simple or that everyone is familiar with, but when I’m making something new and weird (which, I’m a sucker for, say, Popcorn Ice Cream? that was weird) I can’t stand people in the kitchen and I feel is rude to tell them to go take a hike, right? And also, sometimes I hate the question “What are you making?” cause the answer might scare them off (“Chickpea Blondies” “WHAT?!”) So I really prefer it when they try it first, like it and THEN I tell them “Oh you know that cookie you’re eating, it has olive oil and a lot of salt in it!”

5. I am slightly jealous and a lot proud, of my little brother (little meaning, he is 15 and taller and stronger than any other 15 year old I’ve seen) because he wants to be a chef. I would love to be a chef but I don’t think is where my passion reeeally lies and I don’t know if I could do it anyway because I’m not much of a cook. He cooks amazing savory food, main courses, sides…I’m just the salad and dessert girl, thank you very much. I could teach him about desserts and I’m sure  he will learn a lot! But I’ve tried to replicate some of the things he does and Is not nearly the same. I’m gonna miss so much those lunches when I go! D:

Those are my best friend ever, M, and her mom. I love them both so much and they are in the top 5 people I will miss the most.

6. I might not look like that type of person, or even act like it, but I really do love fashion. I love specially “Old school” fashion, vintage dresses, retro outfits, lace, knitting, and all of that maybe qualified as “romantic”. As a kid I used to draw and draw women with clothes and pretty dressed. I used to think I would become a designer but I can’t really draw that well and then I figured, as a movie maker I can choose the clothes my characters will wear so yay!

My favorite (and perhaps not so typical) fashion icon, gotta be Scarlett Johansson. Love the curves, love the perfectly fitted dresses and how she rocks each one of them…

7. I loooooove nerds. Scientists, or plain nerds. Seriously I don’t now what’s up with that either, but I do and also I love musicians. Better yet if they’re music nerds. I’m sure this whole thing must have a weird psychological meaning, specially since cute nerds don’t come ANYWHERE around me. All the wrong, contrary guys. Until I find out what it means, I guess I’ll just keep baking alone and reading harry potter in my pretty vintage dress…right? 😉

Noooow, you know a little but more about me, so I get to choose 15 other wonderful bloggers and shaaare the love (:

1. Heavy Sifting I love this blog, it has such creative and yummy ideas! It doesn’t have much time around in the internet (pretty much like me I think?) but is gorgeous and the pictures are so pretty! Look out for this girl, she’s up to some great stuff 😉

2. joi de vivre Not only food, but also, fashion, poetry and life. This is so lovely to look out. Simple, beautiful recipes that you can usually make in a pinch, comforting and healthy all at the same time. I love the simplicity that separated this blog from any other! Well deserved Molly!

3. kiss my spatula Woah. This is one of the firsts blogs I visited and I fell in love. I was so inspired, I think it was this blog that made me create my own. I wanted to have a blog like that one! I mean the pictures, THE PICTURES, you have to go right now and check them out. The recipes and basic and delicious, with great tips and reccomendations!

4. milk and honey cafe Sarah, created this great food blog, mostly a bake blog though, and ever since I saw it I want to make every single recipe she has. Clean, minimalist and beautifully assembled, almost like a small piece of art, that even though is to pretty to eat, you can’t help it anyway!

5. Not Without Salt I’m sure this blog must have been nominated already like a thousand times, but I can’t avoid naming it.  This is a blog of experience, combined with great photography and creativity. You HAVE to try her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Talk about best. Beautiful, blog indeed.

6. See Girl Cook A girl teaching herself to cook (much like me!) and showing you everything she’s done and learned so far. Incredible progress! her recipes and not complicated but fancy and delicious enough to serve to anybody! I adore the font in her header and the pictures she’s been taking!

7. Shared Sugar Two friends share their love for baking and their story together with great recipes and artistic pictures that look like they should be in the front cover of a magazine! They first got my attention with that gorgeous German Chocolate Cake! Check them out and you’ll too be hooked!

8. The Island of Dr Gateau. I can’t explain how much much I love this blog. I wanna marry it and live with it forever. Not only pretty, let’s put the fact that is GORGEOUS, aside, and focus on how ingenious, clever and creative. It combines molecular gastronomy, recipes experimentation, artistic food styling and incredibly interesting facts about the brain on food perception. Maybe is my love for all things science, but this blog is SO worth visiting, you’ll learn and drool all at once.

9. Sticky, G0oey, Creamy, Chewy The name basically says it all! but this blog isn’t just about desserts (though, the dessert part is amazing! Love all the cookies recipes) but also about great dinner and lunch ideas that make me seriously wish I was there. The pictures are so special.

10. toasty biscuit. Hellooo, food porn. It this is about style, this blog definitely has it! I need to find a way to make my pictures look like THAT. Huge, bright, perfectly balanced and focused. I just love how huge they are, I could stare at them forever, fighting to look away just to go to the kitchen and make the recipes, which are great, easy and delicious.

11. Cosmic Cupcakes. Yep, you heard right, this girl combines her two loves, baking and astronomy into one very interesting blog! I actually love this one because it reminds me of my father who theoretical physicist and works a lot with astronomy, so ever since I was a kid I’ve heard about this stuff and I am very intrigued by it. Plus, CUPCAKES.

12. Curvy Carrot I just love the name of this blog! just like she says, healthy and indulgent meals and treats, all in one place. Don’t think this is all carrots! she has some serious desserts to share that deserve to be looked at! (and devoured!)

13. Bakingdom I’m sure everybody knows this blog right? I had to mention it, because is one of the prettiest blogs around. Her decoration skills are seriously remarkable and she can make EVERYTHING look amazing. I need to take some cake decoration lessons with her. Bonus, she writes a post nearly everyday! I admire her so much and appreciate her work.

14. Guilty Kitchen Adorable incredible blog. Really rustic, just the way I like it, with down-to-earth recipes that make my heart flutter! I wish I was as good of a cook as her (or my brother) to try the more savory recipes! But she also has some amazing baking ideas, so try it out!

15. Finally, I’d like to give this award to Mónica from Lick The Bowl Good. She is also one of the firsts blogs I visited and that commented on my blog. Beautiful homemade recipes paired with great pictures that just get better and better!( Just look at that header!) Thanks for all the support and continue with the great work!