My name is Amalia, I’m a 17 years girl, recently graduated from highschool and living in Caracas, Venezuela. I will soon be moving to Buenos Aires,ย  Argentina to persue my dream and study cinematography.

Food, music and writing. What better way to join the 3 in one single space (where, I can also be myself ) than in a blog? Oh, and I love photography too.

This will be mostly a bake blog but I also like variety, so I will post another music or life related things that goes on around here and I hope we can get to know each other better. I’m a people person.

There are a few things I would like to tell you about me:

  • Rock is my favorite kind of music and peanut butter my favorite flavor.
  • I go a little crazy sometimes so you may catch the most fattening dessert and then healthified versions in the same week.
  • Spanish is my first language, but I learnt English on my own when I was 14.
  • Chocolate. Enough said.
  • I’m still learning to use my camera in the best possible way.
  • My life is far from normal. This is more like a warning.

Thank you so much for reading, you can ask whatever you want or simple annoy me (I’d love to be annoyed by you!) here: amaliaragos@hotmail.com

Grab a cookie, turn on your music player and have fun.