It’s been long. Way too long I’m really sorry for disappearing like that you guys. I’ve been really busy with all the paperwork and complications from my moving. If you don’t know, I’m moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina this next february. I will persuing  be a career in Cinematography and Movies Direction. I am super excited, but super sad as well. While it is my dream, this past year has proven to be one of the best, most emotional, happiest, and saddest years of all my life. It has left me speechless and is hard to leave the place I lived all those things in. But the hardest thing I have ever done, is leaving the people that made this year the best experience ever.

So that leaves me with little time to bake. I do ave a few things in my archives that I will share soon, and I hope you can forgive me for not posting in too long. I am still thankful for each comment, question or anything you have to say. I promise I will be back with more recipes and posts. Meanwhile I leave you with great recipes and blogs that caught my attention this past week…

Hungry Rabbit’s Nutella Rugelash or “Rugatella” – I can’t think of anything else since I read about this. Ge-nius.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies by FoodFor Poems – Peanut butter, chocolate chips AND malt? Come on!

Okay, more peanut butter, but can you blame me? Cornflakes Crusted Grilled PB&J Sandwhich by Fuss Free Kitchen. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat anything else other than this again.

Sauerkraut Chocolate Cupcakes? You bet! I admit it, what got me about this recipe was the Cashew Chocolate Sauce! Divine! Muffin Tin Mania has great recipes!

And to balance out all the sweetness, how about burgers? Something like, Lamb Burgers with Chocolate, Mint and Homemade Ketchup! If I saw that on a restaurant’s menu, I would order it without second guessing. The Cupcake Project has the recipe! Yum!

Finally, I wanted to tell you about this blog…its called The Island of Dr Gâteau and is exceptional.  You could say is an experimental food blog. it features mainly desserts recipes with unexpected combinations, unique flavors and wonderful creativity. As a huge plus, the owner and writer, Jess, is doing a PhD in cognitive Neuroscience and in each posts she relates the featured recipe with amazingly interesting information about the biology and psychology of the eating experience. I can tell you I learned a lot the other day searching through her site. Go check it out right now! Super innovative, cool and delicious!

Again, thanks everyone who still reads this and i promise not to go away like that again. I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday season. I know I am! I LOVE christmas and christmas food, and expect to see some traditional Venezuelan christmas food posts! You will love it 😉