This is my best friend’s eye. I love him, he completes my life, and he is one fo the most beautiful people I know. Inside and out. He’s in the top 5 persons I’m gonna miss the most when I leave this country.

If you click in the picture, it gets so much bigger. And better, because… I love this shot and you know what I see in it? I see him. I see my hand, I see myself. And in the background I see my school’s patio. I don’t go there anymore and is one of the best places on earth. I love it because it shows everything I’m gonna miss the most.

My favorite people.

My favorite places.

Myself. This version of myself right now.

Cause I will change when I leave.

And this. I went to their concert yesterday and I cried to this song, because everything it says is true, because it’s real. Because I’m going.

And now it wont leave my mind. The song, the thoughts, the people and the places. It all makes this version of myself the best I’ve known, and I’m sad to see it let go. Please listen to this song, don’t let their punk-boys image throw you off, they are incredible musicians.

For what its worth, it was worth all the while…

I hope you had the time of your life.