This is more a “how to” than a recipe, but I’ll show you what I used this for a little later. Right now let me tell you something sad. Grab a tissue please.

They don’t sell brown sugar in my country. Ever. Anywhere.

There, you can wipe your tears now. I’ll survive. I was so mad when I realized that, I mean how do you even make chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar? or apple cake? there are so many delicious things made with brown sugar, I thought I was gonna have to avoid them.

BUT then I learned that you can make your own. I made a parade. True story. And is really easy too! Come with me, we’ll make beauty happen…

Grab your pretty white sugar. I needed to cups here but you can make any amount. I threw them in the kitchen aid bowl, but you don’t need a stand mixer. You can use a hand mixer or, heck, a fork. Really, choose what you have on hand.

Pour it in…a little more…more…drop it all in!

Now, for every cup of sugar, you’re gonna add 1 tablespoon of molasses. I was going for light brown sugar here, so I added a little less, but you can add a little more. Play with it! Just don’t go over the top cause molasses are very sweet and bitter.

And…beat away! or smash away if you’re using a fork!. Is simple, all you have to do is mix, shake, stir, smash, beat and do everything possible to make the molasses “disappear” in the sugar. After a while, you’ll see the sugar will look a little funky like this one, but be patient, keep on with the little brown bits and soon you’ll have…

Gorgeous brown sugar! (Sorry white sugar, I still love you, but this is magical to me) See? is that easy! I love this thing. As a little kid I used to steal little pinches of this when my mom was cooking (and when they sold it here, obviously)

You know, im my country we call dark brown sugar “brunette sugar” and light brown sugar “blonde sugar”. It may sound a little weird to you, but I think is charming. For some reason I like blonde sugar better. Is so lovely and caramel-y. Just don’t tell brunette sugar I said that…I believe brunettes have more fun 😉

Homemade Brown Sugar

1 cup of granulated white sugar

1 tablespoon of molasses (give or take a little depending on what you want)

Throw both ingredients in a bowl and using a fork (or a mixer) smash the molasses into the sugar, making sure to coat it really well. Keep going, the mixture will appear lumpy and weird, but after a while it’ll start to come together. Stir until you end up with beautiful brown sugar. Consume in large amounts (or you can be a normal person use just a little. That’s not me)

Mmm, I love brown sugar. I mean brunette sugar. I mean blonde. I love sugar.

I made the yummiest recipe with this yesterday! Stay tune for it 😉