Good morning everyone. Oh wait, is almost 3 in the afternoon. Hmm…Well, that shouldnt be a problem, you can still make these pancakes for lunch like I did. Or better said, like my brother did. My little brother (he’s huge so…) makes killer pancakes. Mine don’t even compare. Oh jealousy…

Anyway, I asked him to make some for the blog. These pancakes have an interesting story…My grandma on my father’s side used to live and work in an oil field when Venezuela became the biggest producer in the world. A lot of American families came to live here because the economy was doing amazing and the work oportunities in the oil fields were plenty and promising. So one of the wives of these American men introduced my grandma to this recipe. A true American pancake like it’s meant to be. We’ve been using this same recipe and tweaking it a bit for variation, but the base is the same and for some reason my brother’s are thicker, fluffier and more delicious than mine. I’ll get over it…

First, get yourself some ingredients, a bowl (or jar, cause you know, we’re fancy around here…) a whisk, a big guy to use it and preheat the pan on medium heat.

Then, when is hot enough, add a little butter to the pan to avoid sticking and pour, pour, pour! For some reason his pancakes always end up perfectly round.

Let cook until you see medium sized bubbles in the surface. I like to leave mine to brown a little more but that’s just me…And then flip them. They will take less time on the other side…

And the result is…Oh my…so thick and soft…I promised myself this was just a pancake for photography purposes but after it I just had to devour it. And I called it lunch cause…well I actually ate 2 of them and lunch after that seemed like a sin. You know, is like a slighlty sweet carby pillow waiting for you to throw anything you want over them. I love them with cream cheese and blueberry jam but the ultimate way truly is…

Butter, cinnamon syrup and perfectly crisp bacon on the side. I wanted to die. True story.


-1 cup of milk

-1 cup of self rising flour

-a big pinch of salt

3 TBSP of granulated sugar

-1 large egg

-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

-A dash of cinnamon (optional but my brother highly recommends it)

-butter for greasing the pan

Turn on the stove on medium heat and place a (preferably non-sticking) pan over it.

In a medium sized bowl (You can do this in the blender too) pour the milk, egg, sugar,vanilla, salt and cinnamon if using. Whisk to combine and then slowly add the flour. Wish just to combine. (I think one of his secrets is that my brother is too lazy to really whisk so he leaves a few little clumps of flour). When the pan is heated, grease with a little butter and then slowly pour the batter to make a circle (amount depends on how big you want your pancakes) and let them cook until you see little bubbles all over the surface. With a spatula, lift the pancake and flip it over and let cook on the other side. Serve hot with whatever toppings you like (Though, I HIGHLY recommend the butter, syrup and bacon combo).

Eat. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and repeat for a week. No wait, that would make you sick. Just eat until your belly and heart are content.

Oh dear…I think I need another lunch…

What’s your favorite pancake topping? (: